Natura Viva

31/07/12 – dicembre 2012 Da agosto a dicembre 2012 nello spazio del Piccolo Museion ha avuto luogo il progetto Natura Viva con tre esposizioni di opere […]

Collecting for Tomorrow: new works at Museion

21/03/2015 – 10/01/2016 The exhibition presents works that have joined Museion’s collection in the last seven years, as acquisitions, donations or long-term loans.

Opening Maurizio Nannucci: Top Hundred

17/09/2015, 07.00 pm Opening Maurizio Nannucci is one of the contemporary Italian artists best known on the international scene. His works have been presented in more […]

Maurizio Nannucci
Top Hundred

18/09/2015 – 06/01/2016Opening 17/09/2015, 7 pm Curated by Andreas Hapkemeyer One hundred very special objects reveal the works and modus operandi of some of the key […]

Lighting artworks: ewo and Museion

30/09/2015, 7.00 p.mThird and last date for “ewo hosts lighting works from South Tyrolean collections”.