SONIC YOUTH etc.: Sensational Fix

SONIC YOUTH etc.: SENSATIONAL FIX Editor: Museion Bozen/Bolzano, LiFE, St. Nazaire, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König Cologne, 2008 Concept and direction: Roland Groenenboom Texts: Thurston Moore, Kim […]

Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix

10/10/2008 – 04/01/2009 Sonic Youth etc.: Sensational Fix investigates the bonds between the historic band, which was formed in 1981, and artists, writers, filmmakers, designers, and […]


MIKE KELLEY – EDUCATIONAL COMPLEX ONWARDS 1995-2008 Published by: Museion Bozen/Bolzano, 2009 Texts: Letizia Ragaglia, Anne Pontégnie, Mike Kelley, Howard Singerman, Diedrich Diederichsen Bilingual edition (German/Italian), […]

Mike Kelley
Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008

17/01 – 19/04/2009 Educational Complex Onwards 1995-2008 manca la traduzione è la prima significativa esposizione antologica realizzata in Europa dal 1997. Mike Kelley (Detroit, 1954) viene […]