“Never more than now has art invited us to embrace our fellow citizens, the unknown and solidarity. Culture, in all its forms, in moments such as these, really does become a necessary commodity. Stay at home, stay with us, follow #TeleMuseion!” In a video message, the director of Museion, Letizia Ragaglia, launches “#TeleMuseion”: a series of initiatives via web and social media, in which Museion will remain virtually close to its publics not only by offering them content to consult but by involving them in on-line activities that anyone can participate in whilst staying at home. Museion remains physically closed due to the current health emergency but is active online with “#TeleMuseion”.
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#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Interview with Karin Sander

The artist Karin Sander ends her series of interviews for the #TeleMuseion initiative. Her exhibition, entitled “Skulptur/ Sculpture/ Scultura” will be on display, from May 29th […]

#TeleMuseion #TheShowsGoOn: Museion talks to Cineteca di Milano Director Matteo Pavesi

A livestreamed conversation with Frida Carazzato Wednesday 20th May at 6pm on the Zoom platform: click here In Italian   A special guest at Museion: on […]

#TeleMuseion #MuseumWeek2020

This year Museion will again be taking part in the MuseumWeek 2020 festival on social media   From May 11th to 17th, museums from all over […]

#TeleMuseion #TimeAndSpace

A new series of meetings inspired by two concepts that are currently changing for all of us: time and space with director Letizia Ragaglia Museion launches […]

#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Interview with Alessandra Ferrini

The artist Alessandra Ferrini has responded to TeleMuseion’s call from London. “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of […]

#TeleMusieon #MuseionPodcast: Mercedes Azpilicueta

The new Museion podcast is now available with the tintroduction to the “Bestiario de Lengüitas” exhibition by the curator Virginie Bobin!   In French, the word […]

#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Interview with Anna Oberto

In our third MuseionCalling event, artist Anna Oberto (b. Ajaccio, 1934), one of the main exponents of Italian visual poetry, answers our questions. Her work is […]

#TeleMuseion #MuseionCalling: Tomaso Binga responds with “Sogno o Segno”

With “#MuseionCalling” the artists exhibiting at Museion make their voices “heard” during the current lockdown. The artist Tomaso Binga answered Museion’s call with a hitherto unpublished […]

#TeleMuseion #TheShowsGoOn: Intermedia. Archivio di Nuova Scrittura

A voyage through word and image, sound and poetry; we invite you to take a virtual tour through the Exhibition, “Intermedia. Archivio di Nuova Scrittura”: this […]

#TeleMuseion #TheShowsGoOn: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Bestiario de Lengüitas

Grotesque characters, fantastical figures, designs, costumes, sculptures, videos and sound pieces… check them out in this virtual tour of the exhibition! You will discover that, in […]