Founded in 1985 by the cultural association Associazione Museion, Museion – then the Museum of Modern Art – opened its doors in 1987, directed by Pier Luigi Siena and chaired by Karl Nicolussi-Leck.

In 2001 the museum extended its mission to cover modern and contemporary art. As of 2000 the focus of Museion, guided by Chairman Alois Lageder and Director Andreas Hapkemeyer, gradually shifted towards contemporary art, with particular attention to the role of language in art.

In 2006 the museum became a private foundation, with the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano and the Museion Private Founders (ex Associazione Museion) as founders. Corinne Diserens, appointed as director in 2007, guided the institution’s move into its new venue, designed by the Berlin architecture firm KSV – Krüger Schubert Vandreike.

The striking new building, with its large glass facades forging a dialogue between the historic centre and the new city, opened in May 2008.

From the end of 2008 until May 2020, Museion was directed by Letizia Ragaglia. On June 1st 2020 Bart van der Heide took over as Director.

The Foundation has been chaired by Marion Piffer Damiani, art historian and curator, since 2010. From 2020 the Associazione Museion has changed its name to “Museion Private Founders”.

The Museion Foundation’s stated purpose is the promotion and appreciation of contemporary art, after 1950. It sees itself as a meeting place for international art, and also as an institution in support of the art of South Tyrol.

Governing Board of the Museion Foundation

Marion Piffer Damiani, President of the Museion Foundation
Federico Giudiceandrea, Vice-President of the Museion Foundation
Peter Paul Kainrath
Marisa Giurdanella
Hannes Gamper
Paolo Vanoni

Auditors of the Museion Foundation

Sandra Lando

Sara Faes


Museion’s statute

Board Museion Private Founders

Federico Giudiceandrea – President
Maria Niederstätter – Vicepresident
Heinz Peter Hager
Paolo Ferretti
Eva von Ingram Harpf
Patrizia Spadafora
Paolo Vanoni



Matteo Di Stefano  


Museion Private Founders’ statute