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Surfacing HypoKrisia

Durational performance
by Charlie Laban Trier


Museion Infolounge


Surfacing HypoKrisia is a series of performative spells/efforts that invoke manifestions of the speculative mythological figure: HypoKrisia.

Durational performance via email
at MUSEION Infolounge
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These efforts are expressed through the use of different medias/mediums — dances appearing and disappearing throughout three days, and an endless, unedited, live-written email correspondence between the artist Charlie Laban Trier and HypoKrisia, a secretive ghost-writer, and hopefully other voices.

This speculation conceives HypoKrisia as the forgotten little sister of the blind prophet Tiresias. Charlie asks himself/us: what if this goddess was intentionally written out of “his”story, because her qualities and learnings were deemed unworthy and dangerous? She’s a hypocrite and a hypokrite* — a position that philosophers like Plato were highly suspicious towards, as they believed that actors and poets’ imitation skills de-attached them from “reality”.

HypoKrisia, unlike her bigger brother who himself is a trans-figure, boasts qualities of liminal transgressions. Tiresias embodies complete transformative qualities, while she resists becoming — choosing to inhabit a decidedly and self-conscious performative state of “half undone”. In this undefined partnership, HypoKrisia invites Charlie to be guided by the laws of the trickster, and embracing hypocrisy. Together they celebrate the queer virtuosic performance practice - Realness (with a nod to the House Ballroom scene) - a practice that through centering the craft and execution of the image, questions the surrounding society’s view on authenticity and playfully challenges who gets “to be” real.

Further, they’ll attempt to open and myth-bust the myth-making of Testosterone with a critical gaze towards western science’s ongoing project and construction of gender stereotypes.

* (ancient Greek word for actor)

Charlie Laban Trier (1987, he/him) is a dancer and choreographer. Charlie is a member of Jacuzzi — an artist-run space in Amsterdam where dance/performance and other time-based medias swim together. He graduated from the AHK School for New Dance Development in 2018. He works with various artists internationally — both as a performer and as a collaborator. Charlie thinks of dance as a slippery matter, a joker that can instantaneously inhabit many images, seducing its viewers while cheekily sliding out of shape. He’s interested in spaces where we all have to work through the complications of participation and that calls for every-body’s responsibility for disrupting fixed structures and ideas.

Angelica Stathopoulos (they/them) is a philosopher, writer, and translator. Angelica is passionate about the passive aspects of existence, and their feminine undercurrents. They are currently writing an article entitled “The Boredom of Whoredom”, which will appear in the Journal of Lesbian Studies’ special issue on “Lesbians, Sex Work, Resistance.” Angelica is also translating Luce Irigaray’s magnum opus Speculum de l’autre femme from French to Swedish.

Surfacing HypoKrisia



Location: Museion Infolounge

Charlie Laban Trier - choreographer, performer and e-mailer
Angelica Stathopoulos - philosophical consultant and e-mailer

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