Museion Bulletin is a trilingual online magazine that has accompanied Museion’s program since September 2020. Giving voice to experts from inside and outside the institution, each edition explores a specific, contemporary theme related to current exhibitions and projects, and brings together personal perspectives, ranging from recollections to exchanges of opinion to interdisciplinary connections, with a unique point of view. Here you can find contributions from Museion’s staff, external partners and professionals from the cultural world, in a variety of formats (including interviews, essays, videos and even podcasts).

Our aim is to provide a behind-the-scenes view of the institution, its collaborations, collections and archive, and how all these Museion characteristics are embedded in a wider fabric of tradition, culture and provenance. These relationships are continually developed through contemporary and topical issues, which fuel their importance in the cultural landscape. Museion Bulletin is published monthly and sent directly to your email address.

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Movement and borders

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Museion Bulletin, a new voice

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