Museion Academy

Dan Graham, Sonic Youth Pavilion (2008), Museion Passage Daniele Fiorentino

Museion Academy is one of the three pillars in the museum program, alongside the international exhibitions and Museion Art Club.

Museion Academy offers a digital or physical space in which you can deepen and expand your knowledge. It also acts as a platform for collaborating with stakeholders and local and international partners by creating an open conversation with the collection and current events. The format sees the insights promoted by the institution as an ongoing exchange of passions and ideas. 

Museion Academy includes Museion Bulletin, Museion Passage and Cubo Garutti, as well as all the projects that take place in these spaces, such as Lifelong Learning, academic partnerships and the long-term research project TECHNO HUMANITIES.

Lynn Hershman Leeson, Twisted Gravity (2021), Kingdom of the Ill Photo credits: Luca Guadagnini

The Museion Academy program seeks to promote new knowledge that enriches society in a sustainable way. In fact, Museion sees cultural heritage as a dynamic force that constantly evolves and transforms through conversations with artists, thinkers and creators. In short: a dialogue guided by inclusive civic values.

In close collaboration with this region’s cultural ecosystem and the interdisciplinary exchange activated within the museum, the Museion Bulletin, Museion Passage, “In Context” and Cubo Garutti programs open new, cooperation and solidarity-based perspectives on cultural heritage. In particular, the themes of urban culture and industrial heritage are the focus of cross-cultural insights, with narratives that seek to preserve and expand cultural memory.


Museion Bulletin is a trilingual online magazine that has accompanied Museion’s program since September 2020. Giving voice to experts from inside and outside the institution, each edition explores a specific, contemporary theme related to current exhibitions and projects, and brings together personal perspectives, ranging from recollections to exchanges of opinion to interdisciplinary connections, with a unique point of view.

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Museion Passage

The entrance hall of the Museion building serves as a versatile and publicly accessible area. Originally conceived by the building’s architects as a connecting bridge between Bolzano’s historical and modern districts, this space has evolved over time into a venue dedicated to showcasing the Museion collection.

Cubo Garutti

The Piccolo Museion - Cubo Garutti is a work by Alberto Garutti (1948 - 2023) commissioned in 2003 to mark the “Art in the Local Area” project. Museion is responsible for programming these exhibitions as well as other projects that include collaborations with stakeholders in the area.


TECHNO HUMANITIES is a three-year multidisciplinary research project consisting of exhibitions, publications, and public programs. Conceived by Museion director Bart van der Heide, TECHNO HUMANITIES is the young museum’s most extensive experiment to date, involving all staff members and regional stakeholder communities. It permeates every part of the institution with an atmosphere of creative dialogue and debate.

Lifelong Learning

Long Night of Museums, HOPE (2023) Photo credits: Michael Della Giustina

Museion’s Lifelong Learning program has a popular and widely accessible approach. Offering autonomous learning during people’s free time makes Museion a place that can stimulate participants of all ages. The activities are aimed at a heterogeneous adult audience with a passion for culture, from all social backgrounds, genders and ethnicities.

In Context

The annual series of educational meetings, which is part of the Lifelong Learning program, takes themes explored in current exhibitions outside the museum walls and links them to different sectors of activity in the South Tyrol. Special lectures with guests from different areas of work and society, and in-depth discussions on specific topics, therefore, create accessible and interdisciplinary exchanges between people in an effort to expand conversations on contemporary art to topics close to everyday life.

18.04.2024, 18:00–20:00

In Context – Visioni diffuse: dalle riviste di Ugo Carrega alla storia della fanzine in Italia
Talk on the exhibition Ugo Carrega. Poetry in the Box 

08.06.2024, 17:00–17:00

In Context - searching for traces: with the artist Filippo Contatore in Franz Messner’s forging workshop
A dialogue-based encounter in Klobenstein as part of the RENAISSANCE exhibition

21.11.2024, 18:00–20:00

Talk with guests on the exhibition AMONG THE INVISIBLE JOINS. The Collection Enea Righi

Academic Partnerships

Third Earth Archive, HOPE Exhibition view Photo credits: Luca Guadagnini

Fostering project partnerships with external collaborators in education, research, and academia stands as a core objective within Museion’s commitment to sustainable talent development and knowledge transfer.