Cubo Garrutti

Daniele Fiorentino

“This small room will exhibit the artworks of the Bolzano Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, so the inhabitants of this district can see them. This work commissioned by the Italian Culture Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - Alto Adige is dedicated to all passers-by who stop to look, even for just an instant.”
- Alberto Garutti

The Piccolo Museion - Cubo Garutti is a work by Alberto Garutti (1948 - 2023) commissioned in 2003 to mark the “Art in the Local Area” project. Museion is responsible for programming these exhibitions as well as other projects that include collaborations with stakeholders in the area.

Alberto Garutti consistently explored the interplay between art and public space through his work. His art projects in the public domain often include explanatory captions about the relationship of the respective artwork to the location where it is situated. In the case of the Piccolo Museion, the caption emphasizes this dedication to the passing onlookers.

The Cubo Garutti is located at
Via Sassari 17b – Bolzano.

Museion Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen/Bolzano is looking for an Event Manager who is creative and flexible, with negotiation skills, organizational talent, drive, team spirit and lots of initiative.

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