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Museion Art Club is organised by the Museion Art Club Forum and aims to support the development of urban culture in South Tyrol. Museion Art Club is both an incubator and an amplifier that enables fundamental and independent exchange between Museion and the actors of urban change, by providing space, visibility and networking. The Museion Art Club programme is supported by the Museion Private Founders and Transart Extended.

Werk: Vogueing Dance, Participatory residency with William Briscoe Samira Mosca

Museion Art Club Forum

Museion Art Club Forum is an autonomous group of creatives, thinkers and professionals, between 20 and 35 years old, which operates as an independent consulting/planning think tank and represents an extended network for Museion. It focuses not only on programming, but also on creating a vision of unity in a fragmented landscape of young cultural producers in the territory, providing space, visibility and networking within creatives but also working as a bridge with local companies and innovation sector. The public programme created by the Forum is implemented with the support of Museion Private Founders and Transart Extended.

The current formats that have been initiated by Museion Art Club Forum for the public program are

Museion Factory and Factory Host

A participatory artistic residency created to approach new audiences, focusing its research on the multiple facets and expressive possibilities that body and verbal language offer.

The format is multidisciplinary and pays particular attention to moments of co-design, aimed at triggering participatory processes, giving space and tools to new museum audiences and making their value comprehensible to the territory and institutions.

OCCUPY Museion

An incubator dedicated to underground music, established with the aim of activating and amplifying the mycelium of players that create and disseminate music in South Tyrol. The aim is to stimulate, promote and connect the musical research of these subcultures, the sharing of venues, ideas and experiences to a new pooled perspective, in order to create a network that will encourage people to discover and listen to the dynamism of the musical world.


The content format promotes the exchange of knowledge that is generated through performative actions. This format activates local and international partnerships, by inviting artists to engage with pressing contemporary issues through their practice, and by providing a platform to bring the public into contact with such practices.


Museion Art Club Young - Hello culture, here we come!

Culture is fluid and alive and describes a continuous invitation to drive the future forward together and creatively. Young cultural actors in particular are steadily moving up the ranks - with innovative inputs and an open and lustful view of a diverse society. Those who want to help shape tomorrow’s events at the Museion Art Club can already be inspired today: At the Museion Art Club Young, which offers children and young people creative practical experiences, experimental encounters with artists and communal experiences in the field of art and society in their free time.

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