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Sound Bath. An immersive and multisensory journey in four parts

08.04.2022   19:00—00:00

Museion, Multifunctional room, floor -1

Friday April 8 marks the opening of two major focus presentations at Museion, highlighting the radical kinetic visions of David Medalla (1942 – 2020) and Erika Giovanna Klien (1900 – 1957). Simultaneously, Museion offers a special multisensory event entitled Sound Bath, curated by Philipp De Mazon as part of Museion’s Art Club.

Sound Bath is an immersive, multi-sensory journey in four parts. It begins with a meditation in Museion’s underground space, where participants are invited to immerse themselves in a soundscape meditation created by the artist Luana Carp. Thanks to the audio format UNHEARD PLACES, that “sound collector” Manuel Oberkalmsteiner and director Matthias Keitsch use to explore, record and give voice to unheard places, the audience becomes part of a fabric of sounds, noises, conversations, stories and legends that become the audio images of a live performance that is part historical reportage, part travel journal, and part experimental music and electronica, all based on field recordings.

Another live audiovisual performance is by Supernova (Beatrice Segolini and Joachim Planer), which combines silent films from the first half of the 20th century with electronic music. Clips and segments from forgotten films are blended together to form an “impressionistic portrait of the visible side of our society”, as Segolini puts it. For the occasion, film score producer and sound artist Joachim Planer accompanies the screening with a specially created set of live electronic music. The energetic climax of the evening is reached with the dub techno atmosphere created by Davide Piras, accompanied by visuals by Maxi Pichler and Thomas Kostner.


Soundscape meditation di LUANA CARP
Auditive Journey di UNHEARD PLACES  
SUPERNOVA - ELECTRO LIVE CINEMA di Joachim Planer e Beatrice Segolini
(DOGSTAR2) Dubtechno DJ set di DAVIDE PIRAS

Luana Julia Carp is a Romanian interdisciplinary artist who lives in Vienna and studies art at the Free University of Bolzano. Luana’s research and artistic practice spans installations, soundart, public interventions, performing arts and film.

Unheard Places is a project by Manuel Oberkalmsteiner (Field Recordings, Soundart) and Matthias Keitsch (Interviews) based on a series of audio journeys through unheard, forgotten places and areas far from tourist centers. Unheard Places travels to these places and collects sound images, sounds, moments and conversations that are combined to create unique sound collages and narrative soundscapes.

Supernova (Beatrice Segolini and Joachim Planer) is a project combining cinema and live musical entertainment based on found footage in the public domain from the first half of the 20th century, directed by editor and director Beatrice Segolini and set to live music by electronic musician and composer Joachim Planer.

Davide Piras
Light and shadow often occur together. South Tyrolean producer, DJ and live-act Davide Piras feeds his mind with both, seeking to improve and investigate every possibility of post-techno and experimental electronic music.

Museion Art Club is the main activity of Museion Forum and is dedicated to accelerating urban culture in Südtirol. Museion Art Club is an incubator and amplifier that enables fundamental and independent interaction between the museum and urban changemakers, offering space, visibility and networking.

Sound Bath. An immersive and multisensory journey in four parts


08.04.2022, 19:00—00:00

Location: Museion, Multifunctional room, floor -1

Graphic design: Studio Mut

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