Museion Art Club


In praise of loss

03.04.2023   18:30—22:00

Museion Foyer


A digital exhibition to explore the theme of memory loss

Museion invites you at 6.30 pm in the Foyer for a performance evening led by Michael Scerbo and Josefina Sundblad with contributions from Lev Bratischenko (How to: Forget), Luana Carp and Jeremie Arpa (Rituamnesial). The event is an opportunity to present the digital platform and the Forget_me_not project.

The public is also invited to bring along headphones to connect to their telephone devices. During Museion’s opening hours, a themed library will be available to visitors in the infolounge space.

Forget_me_not is a digital project developed by Museion Art Club Forum in collaboration with Studio Moniker, Amsterdam. This platform oscillates between a virtual exhibition and digital depot – a box of unorganized data – that explores memory loss through photographs, texts, sounds and videos. Starting from personal and direct experiences proposed by the curators.
The platform hosting the project, named, will be active from 21.04.23.

Forget_me_not offers users the chance to interact with elements online and forge their own connections and memories. This moment of sharing is conceived as a public ritual, organized by the Art Club Forum, and featuring a workshop, a fanzine laboratory, a performance and a public dissemination of forget-me-not flower seeds.

In order to understand memory loss, the curators focus on the counterpart of the act of remembering: “[…] every day much is lost: unnoticed, ungrieved. We forget our losses unless they become undeniably overt, like a death or a mental illness. To remember, one must forget.”

Starting from this premise, Forget_me_not wishes to acknowledge and pay tribute to all that is lost and forgotten, accidentally or forcefully, in a digital space of appreciation and reflection. The virtual exhibition and public event both take their name from the forget-me-not flower, a symbol of hope chosen by the curators for the way it combines amnesia and remembrance, fiction and fact.

In the context of Bolzano in Fiore, the artwork Tears of the Past by Sissa Micheli will be exhibited in the Museion foyer and a special gift, offered by Bolzano in Fiore, will be distributed to the visitors during the event.



03.04.2023, 18:30—22:00

Location: Museion Foyer

Museion Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen/Bolzano is looking for a surveillance officer with mediation tasks

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