Museion Art Club

The Yoga of Stealth


22.03.2024   17:00—00:00

Museion -1 (underground)

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To mark the opening of the exhibitions: RENAISSANCE and Ezio Gribaudo. The Weight of the Concrete, Museion Art Club, an independent forum organizing events parallel to museum activities, in collaboration with Haunter Records, presents OCCUPY Museion – The Yoga of Stealth.

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Talk and Q&A 


Boli Group live performance


Cecilia live performance 


Lutto Lento DJ set

This evening is constructed as a series of interwoven narratives and stories, a tale of non-linear paths that start from the city of Milan. The event opens at 5 pm with a talk on Macao, the former self-managed occupied space in Milan, followed by live performances by the Danish ensemble Boli Group and Cecilia, a French-Canadian composer whose work ranges between music and performance. The evening closes with a DJ set by Polish producer Lutto Lento, known for his idiosyncratic productions that break down barriers between genres and infuse electronic music with their singularity.

The story of the Italian label Haunter Records began in 2013 as a hidden voice, an “invisible” practice that continues to operate at the fringes of culture, in a constant exploration of the boundaries of language, identity, and the concepts of musical imagination and creation. 

For this event, the label has been invited by Museion Art Club to give a talk about Macao Milano, an example of community self-management that opened a breach in the contemporary urban landscape through art and left behind a legacy rich in both utopian ideas and contradictions when it closed. This conversation will feature various people who experienced and animated this space in different ways and forms, including artist Emanuele Braga, writer Günseli Yalcinkaya, musicologist Luigi Monteanni and co-founder of Haunter Records Daniele Guerrini.

OCCUPY MUSEION is an event series that aims to facilitate interventions – both within and beyond the museum space – with music, performance, visual arts, and more. This initiative aims to transform the museum through the interventions of local, underground artists by giving them access to institutional space and empowering cultural exchange.

Emanuele Braga

Emanuele Braga (1975) is an artist, philosopher, and activist whose work focuses on the relationship between art, economy, and technologies. He was a co-founder of MACAO, a new center for art and culture, and the Institute of Radical Imagination (IRI), a transnational research and artistic production center that challenges post-capitalist alternatives. He has collaborated with the University of Milan and has given lectures and seminars at various European universities.

Günseli Yalcinkaya

Günseli Yalcinkaya is a writer, researcher and internet folklorist based in London. She is the Features Editor at Dazed and the host of Logged On, a podcast that shines a light on online trends. She has written extensively about AI, mysticism and psychedelia, and as an artist, she studies the relationship between ecology, magic and inhuman narratives.

Luigi Monteanni

Luigi Monteanni is a PhD student in music studies at SOAS (London) and winner of an AHRC CHASE scholarship. He researches the relationships between contemporary transnational pop music genres and regional music, alongside issues of class and technology in underground music network infrastructures. He is also the co-founder of Artetetra Records: a music label and collective engaged in practice-based research into notions of digital folklore and exoticism in late globalization.

Daniele Guerrini

Daniele Guerrini is the co-founder of Haunter Records. Since 2014 he has worked under the alias Heith, releasing numerous albums and presenting his work in institutions such as: ICA London, Volksbühne Berlin, MACRO Rome, CTM Festival Berlin, Fondazione Prada Venice, Spazio Maiocchi Milan and many more. His latest album ‘X,wheel’ was released by the music label PAN in October 2022. He was part of the Macao collective from 2014 until 2018.

Museion Art Club is the main activity of Museion Art Club Forum, group outside Museion of nine young creative people dedicated to accelerating urban culture in Alto Adige. Museion Art Club is an incubator and amplifier that enables fundamental and independent interaction between the museum and urban changemakers, offering space, visibility and networking.

The Yoga of Stealth

Museion Art Club

22.03.2024, 17:00—00:00

Location: Museion -1 (underground)

A Museion Art Club event
In collaboration with Haunter Records


Part of
With the support of
Museion Private Founders City of Bozen - Bolzano
In collaboration with
Haunter Records

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