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Biblioteca pirata

Reading group con Enrico Floridda

17.11.2022   17:00—19:30


  • Reservation required

An attempt to collective knowledge building, biblioteca pirata is an ongoing series of collective readings.

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Working languages: English, Italian and German

It’s a scattered and vernacular library, populated by hacked, manufactured, photocopied, pirated, deviated, rare, slanted, childish, corrupted, forged, appropriated, popular, pimped, common, bastard, hand-noted books. Every book enters the library by the mean of a session of arpentage collective reading where a group of people gathers, takes apart one book, everyone reads one part and then discusses it all together. The session allows a common reading through a multiplicity of points of view. This plurality takes shape of side-notes or remarks on the pirate copies that Enrico Floriddia gifts to each participant in order to thank them and acknowledge their involvement.

During the four days leading up to the symposium OPENING THE PILL, short reading sessions will be held. At the end of each session participants will select a few lines as the active ingredient of new pills to be offered during the performance days. November 14 - 17: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 17:00 - 19:30. Registration is required. No participation fee. Working languages: English, Italian and German. It is asked mutual help in translating and facilitating understanding. There is no preparation needed in advance: each participant reads the text on the spot and then shares and discusses it with the group.

Enrico Floriddia (he/him) was born in Sicily in 1984. His practice sits in displacement; it leans towards relational works, offers situations of common knowledge building, tenders invitations to contexts of idleness, uplifts kinships. Reciprocity, equity and agency are his constant preoccupations. Floridda’s research has travelled with the Zines of the zone nomad library throughout the European continent, in 2014. Later, it participated in the Trauma&Revival (Bozar, ZKM, Cittàdellarte, Pushkin Museum, kim?) and ENGAGE (Viafarini) programmes in 2017. In 2018, it moved towards Decolonizing Architecture (Kungl.Konsthögskolan) and since 2019 resides at the ESACM Coopérative de recherche and Fully Funded Residencies. He has produced: Immigrated pieces (2016), Your good and my good, perhaps they are different, and either forced good or forced evil will make people cry with pain (selfie prop) (2018), In nome della scandalosa forza rivoluzionaria del passato (2019), I was a drum’s voice in the night but sleeping (2020, with Diana Duta). With Jérôme de Vienne, Ewa Sadowska and Angeliki Tzortzakaki, he organises bi-, a tentative residency favouring care and loitering. He dreams of a pirate library built through collective readings.

Biblioteca pirata


17.11.2022, 17:00—19:30
16.11.2022, 17:00—19:30
15.11.2022, 17:00—19:30
14.11.2022, 17:00—19:30

Location: Museion

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