19.05.2024, 10:00—18:00

Day of free activities and workshops

To mark ICOM Day, International Museum Day, Museion confirms its commitment to promoting culture in the local area by opening its doors to visitors of all ages for a day of visits, workshops and an active exploration of its current exhibitions.

In line with this year’s title, Museums for Education and Research, the day will be an opportunity for sharing, discovering and investigating art through a flow of reflections and re-interpretations launched by the public in a constantly changing and evolving experience.

The program includes conversation tours for all types of audience and hands-on creative activities for families. Younger visitors can discover “creative stations” or multi-sensory art islands, scattered throughout the exhibition rooms, where they can play with the stimuli offered by the works in a fun, creative and personal way. Echoes of ghosts from the past narrate ancient legends that the young artists of the RENAISSANCE exhibition have listened to and reinterpreted in a personal and contemporary manner. While mysterious linguistic riddles and poetic transformations of the written and spoken word guide visitors through the rooms dedicated to the exhibitions Ezio Gribaudo. The Weight of the Concrete and Poetry in the box. A tribute to the history of the Mercato del Sale and Ugo Carrega.


Art Speakings (it/de)

Featuring our art mediators, who will accompany visitors, answer questions and provide insights into current exhibitions.

Creative islands (it/de)

While exploring the museum, the public will find creative islands in which they can think about and engage with the works on display through creative activities, readings and discussions assisted by museum mediators. Dedicated to children, teenagers and families.



19.05.2024, 10:00—18:00

Museion Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Bozen/Bolzano is looking for a surveillance officer with mediation tasks

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