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Cubo Garutti

Piccolo Museion - Cubo Garutti hosts La Strada

Part of

Curated by the La Strada / Der Weg Association – “Invisibili” project team
In collaboration with Museion
Project sponsored by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

Project opening and presentation: 16/05/2023, 10:00 am
at Cubo Garutti, via Sassari 17b – Bolzano

For the second year running, Museion welcomes the La Strada/der Weg Association to Piccolo Museion – Cubo Garutti in the Don Bosco district of Bolzano.  The project presented by the Association at this public artwork created by Alberto Garutti, is dedicated to raising awareness of the issue of social isolation, or hikikomori. It also seeks to create a space for sharing and reflecting on the importance of asking for help, especially among young people.

The Association will exhibit various works in the Cubo Garutti, including paintings, drawings and collages, from various local and national art projects, organized in recent months by the team working in collaboration with Hikikomori Italia and young people in social withdrawal. This condition cuts off the person affected from the outside world by making it extremely difficult for them to leave their home or room.

The initiative will also be recounted and promulgated through COOLtour, a La Strada / Der Weg Association NGO urban regeneration project and incubator of ideas in which young people listen and tell stories using different languages.

More information is available on the Facebook page @Progetto Invisibili and Instagram @progetto_invisibili.

La Strada

The La Strada – Der Weg non-profit Association was founded on 14th June 1978 and is today a complex organization that operates in various areas of the private social sector. Professionals and volunteers work together on a daily basis supporting children and minors in difficult situations; rehabilitating young people with addiction problems; assisting women who are victims of trafficking and exploitation; providing counselling and prevention activities to individuals, groups, families and communities; developing talent and youth cultures; and offering support to those with special educational needs.

Piccolo Museion - Cubo Garutti

“This small room will exhibit the artworks of the Bolzano Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, so the inhabitants of this district can see them. This work commissioned by the Italian Culture Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano - Alto Adige is dedicated to all passers-by who stop to look, even for just an instant.”

Alberto Garutti

Created in 2003, the Piccolo Museion – Cubo Garutti is a work by the artist Alberto Garutti. It is a branch of Museion, located in the Don Bosco district of Bolzano, which, in addition to exhibiting works from the Museion collection, also hosts projects designed expressly for this area of the city.

The Cubo Garutti is located at Via Sassari 17b – Bolzano.

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Location: Cubo Garutti

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