Welcome to Museion!

“Visiting a contemporary art museum means having new and interesting experiences and encountering artists who enrich and alter our vision of reality. But above all it means experiencing their works, and witnessing how they confirm or challenge our ideas and expectations.

The art in Museion addresses the world around us from an ironic, unpredictable, unsettling angle: its vision of the present takes countless different forms, from detachment to intense involvement, but it regards something that we all have in common and it often comes closer than we might think to our own everyday experiences of life.

I see Museion as an institution that serves the public, a welcoming and accessible place. That’s why I am pleased that Museion has become even more “open and transparent” since the opening of Museion Passage, our new space on the ground floor concepted by the designer Martino Gamper, which represents a new point of reference, a new “covered square” that is part of the city’s topography, and a starting point for exploring the upper floors of the museum. Museion Passage is accessible free of charge during Museion opening hours and can be hired on Wednesday evenings, without cost, by cultural associations.

I would like to remind visitors that entrance to Museion is free of charge on Thurdays after 6pm, and that we then offer at 7pm guided tours, again without charge. At weekends in the venue you will come across our art mediators, ready for a chat and to provide information on the works on display. It is my hope that more and more people will become interested in experiencing art, confidently bringing their curiosity and enthusiasm and taking advantage of the many opportunities we offer”.

Letizia Ragaglia, director of Museion