ICOM Day 2023 - Next Generation: My Museion

21.05.2023, 10:00โ€”18:00


International Museum Day 2023

To celebrate ICOM Day, the International Museum Day, and the 15th anniversary of Fondazione Museion’s move to its new headquarters in Piazza Piero Siena 1, the museum opens its doors for a day of activities and workshops for families, young people and art lovers, once again highlighting its importance and social role as an active cultural facilitator in the region.

Entitled Next Generation: My Museion, the day will be dedicated in particular to the younger visitors who will help shape Museion’s future years, literally the next generation that will live and nurture the area’s cultural scene. Museion’s 15th anniversary in this building will therefore not just be an occasion to look back, but also a moment to look to the future.

The programme picks up on the ICOM Day themes of sustainability and wellbeing, proving that Museion is more than the sum of its exhibitions, a place of innovation and a platform for change. During the course of the day the entire building and Museion’s Atelier House will become a place for interaction and reinforcement of existing collaborations, such as with local cultural institutions, and an opportunity to create new possibilities for cooperation thanks to local cultural activists who are part of the Museion Art Club Forum.


10.00 โ€“ 18.00
Art Dialogues (it/de)

Our art mediators will accompany visitors by answering questions and providing insights into current exhibitions.

10.30 โ€“ 13.00; 
14.00 -17.00
If plants had eyes (it/de)

Workshop open to all children and their families. Curated by Ada Keller (intern: cultural activist) - member of Museion Art Club Forum.
On the ground floor of Casa Atelier. No booking necessary.
What other creatures inhabit our planet? If plants had eyes and legs, who would they be? What stories and messages would they have to tell? By printing leaves, gluing and drawing, we will bring to life new creatures living in nature to look at the world in a new way!

14.30 - 16.30 
โ€‹My Museion: easy video! (it/de)

Video workshop for young adults aged 15-25 with Martine De Biasi in collaboration with Zelig, School for Documentary, Television and New Media as part of the exhibition Dan Graham: Sonic Youth Pavillon.
Booking required: Eventbrite or visitorservices@museion.it
Max 15 participants. Location: Multifunctional Room in Museion -1
In relation to the works on display in Museion Passage, the theme of the workshop will be My Museion. After a brief introduction and a group exchange, the participants will be able to film various scenes in the current exhibitions.
Personal expression and image awareness will be stimulated using a simple mobile phone. The basics of image composition and video editing will be provided, gathering ideas for making a short video. No previous knowledge is necessary, except for a smartphone.

ICOM Day 2023 - Next Generation: My Museion


21.05.2023, 10:00โ€”18:00

Location: Museion