Albert Mayr

Time Aspects

Albert Mayr, Time - Aspects, 1975-1976, Fotografia in bianco e nero (7 parti), 30,5 x 24 cm. Collezione Museion

Museion Passage

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Museion Passage – a free-admission space dedicated to highlighting the museum collection and its ties to the local area – opens an exhibition that pays tribute to the South Tyrol artist, musician and composer Albert Mayr.

Museion has chosen to mark Albert Mayr’s 80th birthday by focusing on aspects that are central to his extraordinary art-music work, with an exhibition in Passage, on the ground floor of Museion, where he will be celebrated with a range of his works from the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s preserved in the museum collection. Mayr has composed electronic music and written articles and theories on the need to rethink our relationship with time, beyond its role within music.

At the heart of his work, in fact, we find a wide concept of music in which daily life and its sounds play an important role. His poetics are based on “time design”. On one hand, he treats the development of “time tabeling” – that is to stay, the creation of timetables or time plans – as a creative discipline. On the other, he investigates the perception of sounds, and their repetitions, pauses and overlaps, in a concrete, spatial environment. In this way, he interprets the structure of time as music and extracts the aesthetic qualities from the sounds he finds there.

One of the most important examples of Mayr’s approach, that is included in the exhibition, is his 1984 film, Von Zeiten und Leuten. Am Beispiel Sarntal.  (Of times and people. The example of the Sarntal Valley), commissioned by RAI Südtirol. In his film, Mayr records time-defined sounds and rhythms that characterize the lives of the valley’s inhabitants. The exhibition also presents the 2021 documentary film Dall’Alto Adige all’universo dei suoni (From the South Tyrol to the Universe of Sounds) by Claudio Chianura, that includes interviews with Mayr and the colleagues and critics who have accompanied his work.

Collateral events

Museion plays Albert Mayr with Francesco Canavese, Francesco Giomi, Francesco Michi, Luca Miti and Stefano Zorzanello.

From 7 pm onwards with free admission while seats last, Museion presents “Museion plays Albert Mayr”, an event featuring the participation of musicians and composers close to Albert Mayr’s research and art. These artists will present to the public a number of Mayr’s works along with introductions (in Italian).

First part by Tempo Reale, Florence: Albert Mayr, Tape for live musicians (1971). Performers: Francesco Canavese, guitar / Francesco Giomi, electronics. Second part by Francesco Michi with Stefano Zorzanello and Luca Miti.

In Context, a soundwalk with Simone Faraci from Tempo Reale, Florence (It).

This year’s three-part Lifelong Learning training cycle aims to amplify the themes of the current exhibition in an interdisciplinary way through cultural excursions that hook up with a network of local sector professionals. The format is in line with the popular scientific approach of Lifelong Learning, that focuses on accessible topics, and invites the public and local guests to interact.

On April 29, the tribute to the experimental musician Albert Mayr on display at Museion Passage offers the chance to experience the artist’s “soundwalk”. The musician and composer Simone Faraci, a member of the Tempo Reale Institute in Florence, will accompany and help participants explore the sounds and composition of the city of Bolzano (in Italian).

Albert Mayr

Time Aspects


Location: Museion Passage

Curators: Frida Carazzato, Andreas Hapkemeyer
The layout of the exhibition is designed by “bruno” (Venice, It)

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