Zander Porter: ADHD Penetration #OpeningThePill

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In ADHD Penetration, virtual selves step offscreen, emerging from the fog of a post-apocalyptic rave. Equipped with sunglasses to shield vision from darkness, bodies carry devices of capture, namely: the (dildo-)phallus and the camcorder. Penetrating “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder” as both a diagnosis and extrapolated condition of the 21st century elicits an act of coitus as well as a deconstruction of attention and velocity within the body. Offline and live-streaming to unseeable futures, the work empathizes for a world’s fresh flesh consumed by YouTube clip loops, Adderall, and a “selfie”-identity surveilled between architectures of the profile, the club, and (some) doggies(-style).

performance by Zander Porter
with Liina Magnea, Billy Morgan, & Maciej Sado
music KILBOURNE & elle hong [umami goddess™]

Zander Porter (ze/xem/xyr) is a US-American artist based between Berlin, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam. Working between liveness and onlineness, ze realizes performative articulations of mediated togetherness, (dis)identification, and (dis)embodiment. In xyr practice, Zander negotiates attention, gender, affect, subjectivity, and role play through an approach to internet semiotics, hormonal technologies, and surveillance paradigms with a mixture of curiosity, reverence, and skepticism. Ze has been a core member of XenoEntities Network (XEN), a platform for discussion and experimentation focusing on intersections of queer, gender, and feminist studies with digital technologies. Holding a BA in Art Studio (with additional studies in Computer Science) from Wesleyan University and (soon) an MA in Choreography from DAS Graduate School – AHK, Zander has worked or participated in residencies at Swiss Institute / Contemporary Art New York, Cité internationale des arts, Trauma Bar und Kino, ACUD MACHT NEU, the Saison Foundation, and National Institute for Space Research (INPE), among others.

Video: Roberta Segata

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